Error: 502-backend

I've recently changed the models in my application, migrate with no problems, registered the model in my admin, imported into views. Now when I try to access the /admin after logging in I get this error. I've reloaded my web app but no avail.

Are you using Django >= 3.0 with Python 3.7? If so, I think it might be happening because of a bug in Python 3.7.0, which is the point release of 3.7 that your account is configured to use. We can change it to 3.7.5, which does not have that bug, by changing your account's system image to our latest one. But one word of warning first -- because of the changes to the point releases of Python, any virtualenvs you have might break -- and if you're not using virtualenvs, the pre-installed Python modules will be upgraded so that might break any code you have that relies on the old installed versions.

If you're happy for us to switch you over despite that, then let us know.

I'm using virtual env. w/ minimal package imports currently. It should not cause too much damage if any, I would appreciate that greatly!!

No problem -- that's done now. Any new consoles you start will have the new system image; any scheduled/always-on tasks and websites will pick it up the next time they're (re)started.

Thank you, everything appears to be working now!