proxy error

Hello I'm using beautifulsoup with requests to scrap details from an e-commerce website in India previously it was running fine but today it's giving me proxy error, does any one knows how can I resolve it?

The flipkart API is already whitelisted - just search here for "flipkart" to see them. If flipkart have introduced more API addresses, send us a link to the documentation page that shows the domain name they're serving it from and we'll add it to the whitelist.

I'm using paddle api to perform transactions on my site. Can you please add to the whitelist? Link to api docs: api endpoint (sandbox): Api endpoint (production):

No problem, we've added to our whitelist for you.

Thank you very much but what about the sandbox api? Testing can't be done using vendor .paddle.api endpoint so please add the sandbox endpoint. Thank you

Could you provide us with the link to the docs where that endpoint is mentioned?

It's done.