Plotly Kaleido compatibility with Pythonanywhere

Tried to use Plotly Kaleido for static image generation but encountered the error below. Any suggestions?

File "/home/roycechaneu/.virtualenvs/py37/lib/python3.7/site-packages/kaleido/scopes/", line 120, in _ensure_kaleido raise ValueError(message) ValueError: Failed to start Kaleido subprocess. Error stream: [0725/] Failed to read /proc/self/maps [0725/] locale_file_path.empty() for locale [0725/] Check failed: base::PathService::Get(base::FILE_EXE, &chrome_path).

It looks like our old virtualisation system is not compatible with that. We have a new one that is experimental and in testing. We can switch your account to use that so you can see if that helps.

hello, i came also to this problem. Can i also be switched to new system ?

Sure, we've switched you over. You will have to stop and restart your consoles / reload your webapp etc for the change to take effect.

Same problem here. May I be also be switched? Thanks!

Sure! That's done now.

I am also facing the same issue, may I also be switched when you have a sec? Thanks

It's done for you. No problem.

May I also switch too? I am having the same problem please

Sure, no problem -- that's done now. As @conrad said earlier, you will have to stop and restart your consoles / reload your webapp etc for the change to take effect.

By restarting my consoles do you mean closing them or just reloading the app?


restarting your console == you can kill the consoles from the console page by clicking the "x" button, and then starting a new console.

reloading your webapp means hitting the reload webapp button on the webapp page.

helpful, thanks!

Can you do me as well please, trying to use Kaleido too.

@JWDT I enabled new virtualization for you, but your account is still on the old system image.

We can upgrade your system image but one word of warning first -- because changing the system image upgrades a lot of the pre-installed Python packages, any code that you have that relies on those packages might break if it's not compatible with the new versions. Also, because the new image has newer versions of Python, if you have any virtualenvs, you may need to rebuild them. If you're happy to go ahead despite that, just let us know and we'll switch you over.

Hi @fjl - yes please, there's nothing running on the system that matters anyway right now. :-)

@JWDT -- no problem. That's done now.

Please can you migrate me too so I can use Kaleido, thanks

No problem. That's done.

I would also like to use Kaleido. Can my account be migrated too?

Sure, no problem -- that's done now.

Just a note to say that you no longer need to ask to have your system image changed -- you can change it yourself from the "Account" page. There's more information on this help page.

Hi, what would be the new one? I am also trying to generate images using plotly kaleido, and I land in the same issue

I see that in system image there are three choices, not sure which one is the one that make this work?

Dangermouse(current) /earlgrey /fishnchips

Fishandchips is the newest. See the help page.

Great, thank you!

No problem.