edit button in forums, visibility into "feature request" ticket system?

Figured I'd open this up a separate post, since my "requests" thread is getting a bit long in the tooth.

Any chance an edit button in the forums will make it our way in the near future? You've already got us authed, would think it's a simple "if userid == posterid" kind of comparison for exposing that functionality, but I'm probably wrong.

Also, something I haven't brought up before. You mentioned a ticket system for feature requests. Where is that? Is it public so I can go look at stuff and poke around?

We argued about edit buttons - I'm with Joel Spolsky on it myself...

The issues tracker is currently private. But maybe in the future we could make a public one available?

Agreed, it would be cool to do something like Dropbox's voting system so that everyone can tell us directly what they want :-)