Hi there,

Thank you for your amazing work.

Is there a way to update the Miktex Version ?

The default installed one is a bit out of date (2015), and there are interesting updates in the last versions concerning the fonts handling.

Thank you by advance !

I'm not familiar with Miktex, and didn't realise we were installing it! Could you give some more details about how it works? We are planning a new system image -- no ETA yet, but as it will likely be built against Ubuntu 20.04, it should pick up newer versions of most things.

Thanks for your answer !

If you're planning a new system image, I think the easiest way is to make a new installation of the package Texlive, in order to have the latest version (the installation is accessible with the linux package manager, and you can chose the package texlive-most for the complete installation, or texlive-core, for the minimal one).

Then, the updates are made simple because Texlive comes itself with a package manager, accessible with this command :

tlmgr update --all

For information, the version installed for the moment on the system image you're serving is Texlive 2015 (and it seems to be the "core" version, without any special math package, neither non-english font, but it's quite sufficient for me !).

Thank you !

Ok. Thanks for the info.