Deleted error log, now it doesnt update.

I used echo '' > /var/log/log to clear out error log. Then I touched a new one. Now when I check my error log, it's blank. Any ideas? Thanks.

I don't see any problems with the error log itself -- is it possible that there's nothing appearing in there because the site hasn't been raising any errors?

When I click a submit button, I get a method not allowed error. Usually, it would tell me where in the error log. Now it doesn't.

A method not allowed error means that the view that you're trying to post to from the form does not accept post requests. Those sorts of errors are not always written to the error log, depending on the framework you're using.

That seems to be it because I forced a different error and it shows. Thank you.

echo '' ' > var/log/<your-account>

That's almost right -- you need the two quotes at the start to match, and that will only wipe the error log if you're using the free subdomain PythonAnywhere app -- not for a custom domain. The bit before ".error.log" should be the full domain name of the site, in lower-case.