Install Aria2 External Downloader For Youtube-dl

Hey Guys, I need to install aria2c with my youtube-dl, for faster downloading of content online. On your platform, I found that we cant install any 3rd party libraries. so need help with it.

Can you have an alternative one for youtube-dl (as an external downloader)?

It is giving me an error like below:

aria2c command not found

Please help me.

That's not something that we can do for you in the short term. We will consider whether to install it but, if we do, it will probably be months before it's available.

Ah Glenn, Is there anything we can do for it ? Depereately Needed this library.

You may be able to install it from source into your home directory. If it is possible, there should be instructions on the library's site explaining how to do it.


Glenn, currently my site converts video to mp3 to a much slower rate, which can be significantly improved with the help of aria2c.

Also, as far as home directory installation is concerned, there's no way one could specify the path for the aria2c in code. (that just don't work) referred to as official documentation. <br/> +have tried make install me , but gave error to me . (related permission)

Please do something about it, I need it desperately because my sites overall user experience is getting ruined. (due to slower download rates)

Hope you understand.

ISSUE NO: 2 Why do my logs say "Python threads support is disabled? You can enable it with --enable-threads". I need to enable these threads, how do I do that?

Please help.

Unfortunately we can't change the system image for just one account, so if you can't install the package then there's really nothing we can do.

Regarding threads, they are disabled for websites. What do you need them for? There may be another solution.

Giles, When do I expect this package to get installed?

Regarding Threads :

I need to download files using curl with multiple connections (which uses thread).

As I said, at the start of this thread, it's likely to be months before that's available.

You can use threads outside of your web app and that would be a better design for your web app, too. Doing potentially long downloads in a web app is going to make it slow for your users. Have a look at that gives some ideas about doing that sort of thing outside of the web app.