Project reaching limit storage


this is the current state of my file storage:

File storage: 96% full – 979.2 MB of your 1.0 GB quota

but when I download the project and check the properties in windows the size of the project is 552MB.

What could be going on? and how can I reduce the pythonanywhere project size?

Thanks, Jaime Silva

See this for some tips on checking what is using up all the space.

Thank you, I managed to find out what is taking all the space:

65M     /home/LuisSousa/.cache
97M     /home/LuisSousa/.local
239M    /home/LuisSousa/.virtualenvs
578M    /home/LuisSousa/Essence-2

Please can you confirm if I can delete the cache and the local without consequences?

I assume that the virtualenvs are storing all the python modules I have installed so I can't do much on that regard, do you confirm this?

Thank you for the help.


if you are only using virtualenvs then you should be able to delete .cache and .local. of course there may be some libraries or parts of your code that may use either- you will have to be the judge of that.

hi everyone,

I want to ask whether if deleting the local folder will affect Always on Task? I'm kinda confused why sometimes I need to install libraries in virtualenv and sometimes in local. Sometimes I install two of the same library: one in local and one in virtualenv.

Can someone please kindly explain how to manage this efficiently? Let's say I want all of the libraries relevant to my project are located within virtualenv, so that I can delete the local folder. Thanks!

What do you mean by " local folder"? ~/.local ? You need to install libraries in .local if you want to run your code outside virtualenv. There is other stuff in .local that you should not delete if you do not know exactly what you are doing, especially in .local/bin/.

Sorry what I meant was Scheduled Task, not Always on Task.

After a bit of searching around the forum, I think this one is the answer:

I want to only install libraries and run the Scheduled Task script in virtualenv. If everything I need (the libraries) are installed in the virtualenv, that means I can safely delete the .local?

As @fjl said above -- removing ~/.local (especially ~/.local/bin) may break your account's behavior, so please don't remove it, unless you're 100% what you're doing. If you installed some Python packages outside of virtual environments, you may consider removing some ~/.local/lib contents, if you need to free some disk space.