Increasing only Disk space

I see that each additional GB of Disk Space costs $0.25.

Is it possible to have additional GB over the Hacker ($5/month) plan, so it totals at $5.25?

The lowest price I can get from Custom plan is at $8.

Sure! If you just slide all of the sliders on the custom plan popup to the lowest level, you will get a price of $5 -- then you can bump up the disk space as much as you like. Alternatively, just click on the "Hacker" button -- that will pop up the same window, and you can adjust things there.

Hi Giles! Thats what I'd have thought, however it doesnt seem to be the case. Perhaps I may be doing something wrong.

But the Hacker route works, thanks!!

Glad I could help! It looks like the "CPU seconds" in your image wasn't quite all the way over to the left -- the minimum is 2,000, and it was showing 5,000. Because that slider can go up quite high, the couple of pixels to the right that it was added on $3.

Ahh, you're right! I assumed that was already all the way to the left, silly me.

Also, if i have two web apps, what would the domain of the second one be?

Normally if people create a second website they would be using their own domain -- that is, they would have bought from somewhere like Gandi or GoDaddy, and then would set up the second site to serve But if you don't have a domain name that you'd like to use, there is a hack to use a second subdomain of -- when you are creating the second site, you would specific that it is on a custom domain (which is where you would normally type something like but specify instead something like

...where the "mysecondapp" can be any combination of letters and numbers. Then your second site will show up there.