Setting up custom domain with godaddy

Hello, I’m setting up a custom domain right now. For host name, do I just put up the name of the website. Hostname = Points to =

I’m a little confused on this part

Normally on Godaddy the domain is implicit in the DNS configuration, so you just need to specify the "www" part of "" in the "Name" field. If that doesn't work, perhaps you could post a screenshot of your GoDaddy configuration here, or send it by email to, and we'll take a look.

Thanks I got it working! One more question, it's connected to PA and works if I click on the URL from web page profile, but when I type the address in the browser it still connects to Godaddy's parking page. Is that something with my DNS settings?

That sounds like perhaps you've correctly set up, but you still need to configure, which is technically speaking a different website, but can easily be set up so that it redirects to the version of the URL with the www. at the start. This help page explains how to do that.

Thanks! That article helped a lot. I was able to figure it out

Excellent, thanks for confirming!