OSError('Tunnel connection failed: 403 Forbidden')

While running the script on console I am getting the below error message.==> requests.exceptions.ProxyError: HTTPSConnectionPool(host='', port=443): Max retries exceeded with url: /content/historical/EQUITIES/2020/MAR/ (Caused by ProxyError('Cannot connect to proxy.', OSError('Tunnel connection failed: 403 Forbidden'))) could you please resolve the issue.

Free accounts can only access sites on our whitelist of sites with an official public API. If that site had one, we could consider adding it, but when we've looked in the past, it did not have one. Also, it appears that they block incoming connections from cloud computing environments like PythonAnywhere, so even if it was on the whitelist (or if you were using a paid account, which has unrestricted Internet access) then you would not be able to access it.

I've checked the white list and the site is included. Does this work with subdomains?

It can, but in that case it doesn't. Send us a link to API documentation for the subdomain you want to use and we'll consider it for the whitelist.

i want to whitelist one website plz devs

We can whitelist sites if they have an official public API. If the site that you want to connect to provides one, let us know what it is and give us a link to the API documentation.

Dear Sir,

Can you whitelist the Appdynamics(by Cisco) SAAS API's -

We are utilizing their API in our python code, below is the official documentation link-

@hitenbhatia is that a public API? It looks like you need to be logged in to see the endpoint.

Yes this requires an authentication Token

Also to add this is a widely used API to fetch performance data from AppDynamics servers

Sure, but is not mentioned in the documentation you sent, and we can't check it, since one needs to be logged in to see this url. We whitelist only open public APIs.

damanhealth is our account name, is common across all accounts and u can whitelist like that


Below is the documentation link mentioning the same

Ok. I have added that to the whitelist.

Hi glenn,

Am still getting forbidden error, would this take time to reflect .Also would that wildcard*.saas work in my case

What is the exact domain that you get an error for?

Looks like I made an error the first time round. Try now.

Thanks its working now

Dear sirs, I´d like you to whitelist the URL So I can access with a POST from code They provide a whatsapp business API for which I´m using their sandbox environment Please advise

@Danfossi -- we've added to our whitelist.

Thank you so much, guys. Works like a charm now. Awesome support.

Hi Dev,

Can you help to add the following endpoint into whitelist please: 1) docs found here

2) docs found here

I have added and to the whitelist, because those are the endpoints mentioned in those docs.

Hello, would it be possible to add to the whitelist? It is publicly documented here: Thanks a lot in advance!

Hello, so I've checked on the whitelist and is in it but I'm unable to reach the browserstack subdomain through my pythonanywhere web. Can you please add on the whitelist? It's documented here: Thank you

OK, we've added to our whitelist.

hello, could you add to the whitelist? API documentation: Thank you

I've added, as per documentation, to our whitelist.

Hi, can I get added to the whitelist? I am receiving a similar error above.

Send us a link to the API documentation and we'll consider it for the whitelist.


I just get a login page. If viewing the documentation requires a login, then it is not public and we cannot add it to the whitelist.

getting error " Tunnel connection failed:" for website: Urllib3.connectionpool:Starting new HTTPS connection (1):

@01writer Hi, If you would like the API too be added to the whitelist, you will need to send us links to the documentation that details the api's. Please also see the help page below for further details:

@glenn, @hmalik please add this to the whitelist - here is the documentation link

Please give me a feedback on the above request..

@robbievans has been added to the whitelist.

Thanks' a lot @hmalik

Please give me a feedback on the above request.. I am new to website development. And this is my first project. I have been programming for less than a year. and it's very hard for me.

@InvoiceExchange Hi, Thank you for your request. Can you please confirm the endpoint you would like us to consider adding?

Thank you very much for responding so quickly. Here is the end point of the query, it is a SQL query.*%20from%20%2225e80bf3-f107-4ab4-89ef-251b5b9374e9%22%20WHERE%20regcode=

@InvoiceExchange Hi, Thank you for your reply. I can now confirm has now been added to the whitelist.

Hi, can you please download the following URL into the whitelist? all the data is available publically through search or bulk download.

You'll find all the instructions for requesting allowlist additions here.