Hosting a blog


I'm thinking of using PA to host a blog, and though vaguely about using something sitting on top of Django. (I also thought about rolling my own, before realising I have better things to do with my time...)

Does anyone have any ideas, suggestions?



Have you thought of using one of the static blog generators? Like Pelican or Hyde? There's a discussion on Quora about the options that might help you decide.

If you generate to /var/www/static, it should Just Work™

Giles threw together something he calls "JAB" ("just a blog"). It's not quite finished, but it's super-simple, so if it doesn't quite do what you want, it's at least a good place to start on the "roll-your-own" front... Pull requests gratefully accepted!

I really like static generators as well, blogofile is another one written in Python.

I've heard that Mezzanine is good, too -- it's more of a generalised content-management-system than a blog, but I've heard it compared favourably with Wordpress.

WOW...this post has the most PA employee traffic I've seen on a topic. I guess we found the teams topic of interest...☺

I would give Mezzanine an OK rating for blogging. I have my blog set up with Mezzanine on Pythonanywhere. I wish that the Python world would come up with something as convenient to use as Wordpress for the non-tech person. I have a small writeup ( for setting up Mezzanine on Pythonanywhere.

Thanks, dscapuano! I've started moving my personal Wordpress blog over to Mezzanine and used your instructions; I did post over on the thread with one extra recommendation. By default, Mezzanine is configured to use an sqlite database. That lives on the filesystem in your private file storage, and due to the way we host that, it could be quite slow. So if you set up Mezzanine to use MySQL instead, you should get better performance.