Payment in UK pounds

Is there a possibility of paying in UK Pounds rather than dollars?

and can you pay here in Bitcoin?

Unfortunately we only take payment in usd for the monthly subscriptions. However, if you want to commit to a yearly plan, we do accept bitcoin/gbp wire to a bank account. Email us for details.

The ATM card I have cannot be used for payment in your website. I want to use my bitcoin account.

Is it possible.

We can accept bitcoin for annual accounts, where you pay for ten months and get a year. If you send us an email at, we can get that set up.

It does not appear anywhere on the page to pay in BTC, I have to write to support and say that I want to contract an annual server with BTC or how? I can also pay in USDT that would be better

Yes, please contact us at We support BTC and ETH. We will need your billing name and address as well, for tax purporses.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We no longer accept cryptocurrency payments.