My percent full value has 9 more Mbs than see in my home directory

I just noticed a considerable jump in % space full on PythonAnywhere. I am referring to the '% full' value that shows at the bottom of a page of files within the web interface. Running 'du -h' in my home directory in a Bash shell only shows 16 MB which is what I had been running around on the web nterface listing until very recently. Now, I am up to 25 MB suddenly. I did use 'pip install --user' recently to add a module locally but I did uninstall when it was proving more hassle than it was worth to implement. Is there anything I can run in the Bash shell to list the contributing factors to the % full value that shows at the bottom of the files page in the web interface so that I can weed out any unnecessary junk?

Have you checked in /tmp, yet? Selenium webdriver can leave garbage behind.

Thanks! That was exactly where the extra files were. All cleaned up now and back to a consistent % full vs. the report from "du - h" within my home directory.

Speaking of quota says 500MB. I never complained, because it hasn't been an issue for me, but perhaps the account upgrade scripts have issues...or they have long since been fixed, but I have a legacy issue dangling out there...☺

Whoops! Fixed. Yes, that is a testament to your extreme legacy status.

What can I say..."I liked PythonAnywhere before it was popular!"...☺

Apparently this is now causing me trouble.Would you please bump up my allowed storage quota? Thank-you in advance...☺

IOError                                   Traceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-70-f91f94e6be31> in <module>()
      6         def callback(data):
      7             f.write(data)
----> 8         ftp.retrbinary('RETR %s' % file, callback)

IOError: [Errno 28] No space left on device

In [71]:

I have about 500MB in use, but I should have 1,500MB free...☺

Should be all fixed now. For anyone else that wants to check their quota, the command is:

df -h ~

From a Bash console...


Me too please, although at only 4% usage it's still not actually an issue for me ;)

I guess it might be worth while checking they're correct for all the old, currently paid accounts :)