Error running WSGI application ModuleNotFoundError

Hi I'm new with pythonanywhere

i create a local website and i used different packages and libraries from pip. when i upload all the files and want to use the website

an error appears that "pyarabic" not found i try to download it using pip3 install --user pyarabic and the error still appears how can i solve it ?

this the message :

Error running WSGI application ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'pyarabic' File "/var/www/", line 16, in <module> from app import app as application # noqa

File "/home/BeKind/mysite/", line 13, in <module> import pyarabic.araby as araby

If you're seeing an import error and don't know why, we have a dedicated help page to help you debug:

Looks like you are already talking to support on email.

yes thank you so much for helping me