Install Sass?


Would it be possible to install Sass?

Thanks in advance, DatRoyce

Got it :)

Great! How did you get it working?

For anyone else that stumbles across this issue. You can set the location of gem installs using the GEM_HOME environment variable.

export GEM_HOME=~/gems/

You can then run

gem install sass

This will install sass into ~/gems. The full location of the executable is ~/gems/gems/sass-3.4.22/bin/sass.

I get:

bash: sass: command not found

Because the path to the executable is not on your Bash PATH. Add the /gems/gems/sass-3.4.22/bin/ path to your PATH in your .bashrc and it will be able to find it. Or just call the sass executable with the full path.

This was helpful, but I had one more step I needed. In order for the web app to run sass upon deploy, you need to append your gem path to the PATH variable like this:

thanks for letting everyone know!