White List a Moving Target?

Hi, I'm new to PA and really enjoy it. Thanks for maintaining this service! Dropbox is on the whitelist, but I still get tunneling 403 errors. (I have a free account.) Any chance they have once again changed their API, or, could I get that error for another reason more specific to my code?

It's hard to say -- does the 403 error say which hostname it's trying to connect to?

The Traceback shows, as you might expect, a long series of cascading errors. However, the code is short and there is only one URL call.

"df=pandas.read_csv(" for privacy#/Weight%20Data%202020.txt?raw=1", delimiter=' ',names=["Month","Day","Weight","BC","Systolic","Diastolic","HR"])"


"OSError: Tunnel connection failed: 403 Forbidden"

The same code runs without error from my local machine.

I can see a few attempts to access in the proxy logs and they were accepted by the proxy, as expected. It's possible that the error you're seeing is actually Dropbox returning the "not authorised".

Perhaps the link is getting garbled in the parser somehow? I'll check versions and such.

This is also buried in the traceback:

File "/usr/lib/python3.7/urllib/", line 755, in http_error_302 return, timeout=req.timeout)

But I assumed the fundamental error was 403. Thanks for your help. If you don't think it is an access problem, I'll keep looking.

Just for clarity -- the 403 status code is a generic way that a server using HTTP says that access to a particular resource is forbidden. So while our proxy server (which manages the whitelist) will return a 403 if you try to access a non-whitelisted site, other servers might also return it when you try to access something they don't want you to access. So, for example, if you try to access a file on that they don't want you to access, the request would pass through the proxy, get to their servers, and then Dropbox's own servers might then return a 403 error to you.