Proxy tunneling failed: ForbiddenUnable to establish SSL connection.

I'm trying to build PyMuPDF using this documentation: When i try to download MuPDF from i get Proxy tunneling error. What am I doing wrong? How to fix it? is not on the whitelist for free accounts: If there a reason that you're not just using pip to install it? That's likely to be easier and more likely to work.

I tried to use pip, but i got this:

fitz/fitz_wrap.c:2732:18: fatal error: fitz.h: No such file or directory

That looks like an issue with PyMuPDF. There seem to be some suggestions in the issue on GitHub:

Ok, i downloaded mupdf manually via web interface. According to this PyMuPDF Ubuntu Installation Experience i need to build MuPDF using make command. But when i try to build it i get permission error. Is there way to solve this problem? (Sorry, if i ask stupid questions, i am newbee in Linux)

install: cannot change permissions of ‘/usr/local/include/mupdf’: No such file or directory

Check the build documentation to see if there's a way to change the install location. Then you can install MuPDF into your home directory where you will have permissions on the files.

Looks like this was a problem with my account. I registered a new one to check if i can install PyMuPDF via pip. And i installed it without any problems

It's possible that the difference between the two accounts is the system image that they use -- your account greyfivenine uses our old earlgrey system image, while one that you just created would use fishnchips, which has a number of updates and improvements.

If you like, we can switch the greyfivenine over to fishnchips. One word of warning first -- because of the changes to the point releases of Python, any virtualenvs you have might break -- and if you're not using virtualenvs, the pre-installed Python modules will be upgraded so that might break any code you have that relies on the old installed versions.

If you're happy for us to switch you over despite that, then let us know.

No, i will use my new account. I have already sent an email on asking you to delete my old account.

OK, no problem!