PythonAnywhere editor theme

It would be nice if the code editor (IDE) on PythonAnywhere had a couple of themes, e.g. default, dark, etc. Has anyone requested this before? Or, is it editable via CSS somewhere per user environment?


We have had a few requests for editor themes. I have upvoted the ticket for you.

Second that - the greens/aquas/blues are a bit close together! Cobalt all the way…!

Upvoted :-)

did anything ever come of this?

It's still on our list of things to do, but it's a pretty long list.

okay great, thanks for the quick response

@glenn - How about now?

Still on the list! I've added another upvote.

Chuck me in an upvote


Second that. A dark theme would be a great addition.

It's not an option officially supported by PythonAnywhere, but I would use Greasemonkey scripts to change the color theme. This is already supported out of the box in chrome/chromium (you might need to install it in firefox).

Something like the following works:

// ==UserScript==
// @match*/files/*edit
// @run-at document-end
// ==/UserScript==

console.log('editor background changed by user greasemonkey script');
var editorContent = document.getElementsByClassName('ace_content')[0]; = 'grey';

You would have to install it as an extension. (which I believe you can do by going to chrome://extensions/, enabling developer mode, and drag and dropping a myscript.user.js file over)

I can confirm this works but makes the font not very readable

indeed- you can also tweak the fond color with style.color, and customize it however you want.

One more upvote, please, for a dark theme (without Greasemonkey); perhaps Solarized Dark or Monokai. Thanks folks!