Script to open and close bash terminals


Is there a way to stop and start console sessions? I'll like the ability to be able to open a number of consoles and then close them all down - is this possible?

Not really. What are you trying to accomplish. It sounds like what you're looking for is scheduled tasks.

Well it looks like I get a new IP for every console, much like amazons instances when you stop and start them. So I was wanting to take advantage of that when doing little scraping jobs on Google, i.e. open a console scrape a few pages, close the instance and rinse and repeat - Just saves me using a proxy.

It's not quite a new IP for each console. Basically, we have a bunch of console servers running at any one time, and when you create a new console you're randomly assigned to one of them. So sometimes you'll get a new IP (if it's a different server to the one you previously used) but sometimes it will be the same -- the pool of IPs is limited.