Change web app name to our own domain

Hi, We have just upgraded from the free "user experience" on pythonanywhere to the basic plan (that allows us to have one web app). On our free domain offered by pythonanywhere we put our entire project to work and it works perfectly, now we just want to change to our own domain and it seems we would have to load and configure the entire project again. Is it true? Can't we keep the project as it is and just change the domain name?

Im really hopping we won't have to load everything again :/

It's not quite as easy as a simple rename, but it's not as difficult as loading everything again:

Hi, glenn! Thank you for answering. When I try to add a new web app from the "Web" tab, I get a message: "Your plan only currently allows you one web app (which includes the default one at Delete your old app if you want to use a different domain." I'm afraid to delete it! That contradicts with my understanding of what should be done in order to keep it.

Deleting the web app does not delete your code. It also makes a backup of the wsgi file. If you don't have a spare web app, open the wsgi file in a tab and leave it there, make a note of static files mappings and auth settings. Then delete your web app and use the instructions to rebuild it at the new domain name using the notes you've made and copying the wsgi file from the browser tab where you saved it.

Thank you, glenn! It really helped and I suggest you add your explanation to pythonanywhere wiki!