Installing GoLang

I want to use PythonAnywhere as a launching point to my own AWS 'cloud' (mostly EC2, S3 and SQS using boto/fabric)

However, I'm doing some chunky data processing and I find that I want to use Go ( as my target programs to run on my EC2 nodes.

Edit: got a binary distro of Go installed

--I'm not sure what distro that PythonAnywhere runs so I'm unsure of the binary to install and gcc doesn't seem to be available so I can't build from source.--

Just to be clear, I only want to compile my Go programs on PythonAnywhere, I'll ship the binaries over to my own instances to run. I just want PA to be the controller, starting/stopping nodes, running jobs, etc. Is this something that you would allow on PA?

Let us know how that goes (heh, I made a funny). I'd be interested to know whether binaries built on PA will work outside of PA.

Thanks. It should work fine. Go only creates static binaries.

I was going to use my Windows desktop for the 'controller' because Go has nice cross compiling support but I'm a bit worried about platform differences leaking through my application code.

Since 'gcc' isn't available on PA, I won't be able to use the 'cgo' FFI package but that's probably not an issue anyway for the programs I'm going to write.

Thanks for the reply.

Yeah, the linux amd64 version should work fine. I was having a play with Go last night. It's very nice and simple. Static binaries are a plus as well. Do you think there are any actual performance improvements over Python yet? Other than the overhead of starting an interpreter of course.