Automatic reload the web instances

Hi all, I have been using PythonAnywhere regularly for the past few months. However, almost monthly, I found that the webserver got terminated, and I have to go to reload the web on the console. But I do not aware of this all the time. So my question would be: is there a way to automatically reload the web when it got terminated.

Hmm. Websites on PythonAnywhere should be entirely managed by our infrastructure, and restarting them should be automatic. What do you see that makes you say that it's been terminated?

Hi Giles, Thanks for your quick reply. I am building an API on pythonanywhere cloud server. And occasionally the request from client did not goes in. After I manually reload the instance, everything went back to normal. So I speculated that the server has been terminated

I don't think that's the problem -- we restart servers quite frequently, to load-balance websites around our cluster, so your app is probably restarting much more than once a month. But perhaps it's locking up for some reason -- is anything written to the server or error logs (linked from the "Web" tab)?