MySQL server gone?

MySQL server gone?

Nope. All looks good. Symptoms?


Can't connect to mysql.server. I've just seen another post aboput this - am I meant to be using the alternative connection name (including username)? Hasn't been a problem before.

Looks like I missed a few machines when I was checking. It should be working now.

Yep - thanks glenn!


Thanks for confirming!

We definitely recommend the alternative connection name going forward; it's much more reliable. Our next update (hopefully next week) will display that hostname on the databases tab, so it will be the "official" way from then on. We'll keep the old way working for the time being for backward compatibility, of course.

Thanks giles - I'll try to update my stuff.

After our system update today, the username-based hostname is now the official way to connect to your MySQL database. The old mysql.server system still works, but is now deprecated.