bold text in console

In the browser console, when using vim, the bold text shows up as wider than unbolded text which screws up text alignment in many instances. Is there any way to get around this, either by changing the font to a different monospace font or disabling bold fonts?

Hi mdeckard -- that's odd, I don't see that. What browser/OS are you using? Perhaps we've made a bad choice of fallback font for one particular kind of setup that we're not testing properly.

For reference I haven't seen this on either Ubuntu or Windows 7, neither of which has had any additional fonts installed. I use vim with bold fonts a lot.

Perhaps the system is making a poor choice for a generic font name like "monospace".

@mdeckard: Glad you joined PA. I hope you found a solution to this...☺

"Lucida Console" seems to be causing the problem, monospace comes after it and removing "Lucida Console" makes it all happy.

line 48 in styles.css

@bansey -- what browser/OS are you using? It would be good to repro the problem here in a VM and play with the font ordering until we can get something that works well with setups that currently don't work, but also uses Lucida Console for systems where it works (because it's quite a nice font when it does work).

firefox on windows XP

Thanks! I'm downloading the "XP mode" patch for Windows 7, which should complete... sometime tomorrow. I'll take a look at it then.

It looks like Courier New is the only monospace font with a Bold variant installed.

There is a really freaky artifact visible in M$ Word, compare the pitch of the font on the document to the pitch on the Styles and formatting pane.

Any joy on this yet? I only have to deal with this XP c##p till the end of this week, so wont be able to test beyond then.

Hi barnsey,

We've removed Lucida Console from the font selection. You may have to hit the css file directly to de-cache it though.