Can we get a bash command that'll launch the GUI text editor?

I'd like to be able to call the PA editor from the command line and have it open in a new tab.

The terminal emulator is a bit too laggy to use for text editing. If you could just call the editor like any other GUI application on Linux, with filename arguments and stuff, and it'd open in a new tab in my browser, it'd feel more natural and be more convenient.

It'd also be nice it it had some keyboard shortcut, like Vim's ShiftZZ, to save the file, then close the tab.

More ambitiously, it might be ok to just have a smaller console at the bottom of the editor window and a simple API for controlling whichever editor the console's bound to. You could toggle the cursor between them with a keyboard shortcut, maybe just hit Escape.

You'd want it like IPython, so you could do some regular interactive Python, but with custom magics for stuff like 'exiting' the tab with or without saving your file, copying other files to the clipboard, opening new tabs with template files, assigning the currently selected text to a variable as a string...

I'm just rambling now, but whatever happens, you don't want to have to navigate five Web pages to open a file.

Thanks for the suggestions! I've put them in our tracking system. Re: clicking five pages to open a file -- a workaround I tend to use is browser tabs -- one for each of the directories I'm currently working in, and then one for each file.