Host a console on the web on a loop (refresh)

Hi all,

I am a teacher who has created a simple encryption program for my students to use. I want this to be web-accessible and just run in the console in the same way they would be used to on their own machines.

I tried sharing a console and giving the same link to all students but there appears to be no way of restarting the console and all previous use of the program is visible to all other students.

Is there a way to host a console that will run a program from fresh each time it is accessed?

Hi there, (just repeating what I said in response to your email asking the same question -- in case anyone else finds it useful).

This sounds like a good use case for gist consoles (one of our less well-known features). Here's an example. If you create a gist that contains your program, you can distribute a link that will drop the students into a console with that program loaded.

Alternatively, have you come across our Education Beta? If you get your students to nominate you as their teacher, you'll be able to copy files from your account directly into theirs... Let me know if you need help with that, I'd be very happy to help you get started with it...