App Doesn't Reload With Correct Results

Hello, I am following Corey Schafer's YouTube Django tutorial on PythonAnywhere. I set up my application using this video: which essentially encapsulates . On the third video of the Corey Schafer series ( at minute 38 he reloads the server and the app changes. When I use the reload button, I do not get the same results. I have reviewed my wsgi file, css files, html files, and see nothing wrong with what I have done and yet my web page does not update as it does in that video. Please help, thank you.

Did you reload your web app from your web app configuration page?

@glenn Do you mean from here? Yes, I have done that multiple times.

In that case, maybe the code that you're changing is not the code that is actually being run by your web app . Make sure that the file you're editing and expecting a change from is actually what your web app is running.