How to manually change "Source code:" field under Web tab


I just upgraded to a $5/month account so I could use a domain name that I own. I did this by deleting my previous web app (which was at and creating a new web app under my domain name ( My website's code was under a directory named website, so I deleted the default mysite directory and changed the WSGI file to import from website instead.

All this has worked swimmingly, although I'm not certain if it's the correct way of going about it, since the "Source code:" field of my web app remains pointing at /home/erose/mysite, which no longer exists.

1) How do I change it? 2) If I can't change it, will it lead to problems?

Right now, you can't change it, but we can change it for you. Its only effect is that when you're editing a file that's in the source directory (or a subdirectory) in our in-browser editor, you get a "Reload" button for the web app -- so there's no harm in having the wrong one, but it's better if it's correctly set.

I've fixed the source dir for your web apps at and -- just let us know if you need it changed again.

Wow, thanks very much!

No problem :-)