"[Errno 11] Resource temporarily unavailable" on reading csv file

I am trying to read a csv file in my web2py app but everytime it gives this error "[Errno 11] Resource temporarily unavailable".
I have placed files in app folder in web2py directory.

This is my code:

path ='/home/Nautica/web2py/applications/testapp/files/'
print path
file_ = path+file_
print file_
with open(file_, "r") as f_obj:
      reader = csv.reader(f_obj)
      fields =
      cr_table = self.test.create_new_table(table, fields,row)

Please provide any help/suggestions in this regard. Thanks!

Where are you seeing that errror? Is there anything in your error log?

This may be a red herring, but are you doing anything that's starting new sub-processes? That "resource temporarily available" error sometimes appears when your web app forks too many processes (but the limit is quite high, 128, so you'd have to be doing a lot of them...)