Admin Site Does Not Work

Hey Guys, Starting from June 1st There seems to be a problem with the django admin. FIle uploads don't work all the time(connection times out). Changing a model on the admin site messes up the model's informaton. The admin site randomly throws out 500's. Nothing in the logs. Is the MySql DB working fine? Is the connection being reset for the MySql DB a lot? The admin site is critical for our company. Basically It works sometimes and the other times it does not work. Highly Inconsistent. Please help out as soon as possible.

PS: The admin site works perfectly in my local environment and I didn't push any changes to the admin before june 1st which may have messed it up. It just started getting buggy.

If you're using django, then 500 errors should end up with a full traceback in the error log, and/or getting emailed to the administrators -- if they're not, you'll want to fix that, because otherwise you'll find it very hard to debug problems like this.

Take a look at the django docs on logging, unfortunately it's not totally straightforward because it uses the standard library's annoying enterprisey logging module, but you should be able to beat it into submission...

Yeah sorry, those 500 errors were being logged(We store it on logs and do not mail them currently ') , basically it says ValidationError: ['ManagementForm data is missing or has been tampered with']. However this happened all of a sudden , that's what been bugging me the most. However that still does not tell why the connection is being time out many times during file uploads. I guess you can access my account and view the logs for the past week or two, if that'll help you get more details.

We also use a dev server the same thing happens there too. However it does not happen on my local setup. Am I doing something wrong here?

I think I've seen errors like that before, and it was to do with using the wrong version of django.

I see you're using the "old way" of using virtualenvs, using activate_this. Can I suggest you switch to the "new way", and see if it helps?