Admin is disabled because insecure channel

Can anyone advise how to get around this. I am at the very start of trying to learn this.

use https:// before your username to connect.

I thought PA sent a redirect to the HTTPS version?

We only do the auto-recorrect [EDIT: sorry, auto-redirect] for the PythonAnywhere site itself, not for people's web apps. This one keeps coming up with web2py, I think we need to put a clear "Click here to administer your site" link on the last page of the quick-start dialog. Unless web2py 2.0 (which came out the other day) has a better way of doing these things.

That makes sense. Sorry, I should avoid posting before my first mug of tea in the morning! (^_^)

@stevehutch: Welcome to PA. It's an amazing community!

@Cartroo if the kettle wasn't in a different room, I'd not be able to open my eyes before my first cup of tea :-)