Problem loading static files

[mod edit] This question is largely outdated since we released our static files support, which you'll find on the Web tab

I've made a site and I'm confused why the static files don't load? I've used the site's new django application so it comes bootstrapped with the neccesary code to run static files I think, the trick of it all is the admin section seems to load static files nicely not so for my webpage? Has any of you encountered this?

To switch on your own application's static files, you need to uncomment the last two lines in -- check out our full Django tutorial here. We're currently working on improving our support for static files; we'll post about the details on our blog once we have something ready.

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I have the same problem. Before, I was able to load some static files but now I can't.

Hi Ann, have you tried following the steps that Giles linked to above? Are you talking about admin media files or all static files in general?

@hansel: This might be a daft suggestion but is it worth you guys setting up a few accounts with each of the major hosting systems set up on each? Then you can publish the actual configurations and code used and people can make requests of them of both dynamic and static content to compare the behaviour with their own configuration, in case of problems.

Nothing fancy, just a few "hello world" functions for dynamic responses and a few text files or images for static content. Tutorials are great; examples and tutorials are better; working examples and tutorials are (arguably) better still.

That way people could (hopefully) check for themselves that it works so they know they're making a mistake rather than there being some issue with the hosting. Hopefully this might filter out the support load, especially as PA becomes more popular.

Just an idea to throw into the pot! (^_^)

Not a daft idea at all, though we are just working on the proper over haul of the hosting setup as we speak. Once people have a dialog where they can tell us exactly where they want static files served from for each web application they are running then these things should be simpler. We think :-)

@hansel: I'm trying to load pictures using django but I can't see ones into "files"

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Hi Ann, I'm going to email offline to see ask some more detailed questions about your whole setup. I'll report back generalised findings of course.