Can't link to another url within the same facebook app.

Hi folks,

I'm trying to link from one template (which is shown correctly on facebook) to another url within the same app. However, I'm getting a Bad Request: missing signed_request, when clicking on a link from the home page to the create page I'm trying to link to. I opened a link on stackoverflow:

Does anyone have an idea of what I could be doing wrong here? Thanks in advance, Joshua Moore

Based on the Stackoverflwo post, it looks like you've already answered your own question (just noted here to save people the time of looking at it if it's already solved).

Thanks Cartroo, good call. The problem actually popped up again, for no reason I could explain, and despite the fix noted on SO.

That's definitely strange. It looks like the signed_request parameter is expected in POST requests from Facebook, so I can see why it might not be there if you follow a link from one page to another -- those would use GET requests -- and from the django-facebook code, it looks like the parameter isn't checked for in GET parameters, only in POSTs. I'll ask Harry, who's our Facebook expert now (having written the blog post about it) to take a look and see if he can shine any light on the problem.

@finebitstrings: Glad to have you join our PA community. I hope you find it wonderful!

@a2j: so far I do!

Just a note to say that finebitstrings and I are conferring about this over email -- if there's anything generally useful to report at the end of it, then I'll post again here.