pythonanywhere extremely slow from yesterday

I am free user of pythonanywhere and I've hosted my prototype Django based webapp on pythonanywhere. DJango server is REST base APIs which are called by frontend HTML5 app.

Till yesterday my REST API performance was ~100ms per call thus my app was super fast, but today onwards all my REST APIs are degraded drastically with each API call taking ~30 seconds.

I am planning for internal demo on this sunday and but now 30 seconds page loading is not acceptable for my app.

Is there any known issue for pythonanywhere system currently ?

Hi rushik,

Yes we did have a problem. Do you want to try your tests again? I believe they should be much more responsive now. Essentially there was a particular server that hadn't been given enough resources and it formed a choke point.

We do give paid accounts access to more resources. But I don't believe that was causing the problem you were experiencing.