"Save and Run" not working?

I have typed a simple program into the file editor. When I click "Save and Run", nothing seems to happen.

If I go to the bash shell and run the code, I can see results, but it would be nice not to have to go back and forth. Or, is that the standard procedure--to simply have two windows open and bounce back and forth between them?

Thanks, ari

We try to open a new browser window for the console where the code will run. Your browser is probably blocking it.

That could well be. Will explore further. For now, have just been using my second console window to access the bash shell.

On a related subject, is there a "save as" function in the editor. I can open up an existing file, start a new one, but don't seem to have a "save as"

What glenn said, it's probably your browser's popup blocker. You have to click the little "allow pop-ups from" button that appears when you click save & run.

re: "save as", I'll add an upvote for that feature in our tracker...

Yup. That was it. Safari seems to be binary about pop-up blockers--you're either all blocked, or not blocked at all. May just switch to Chrome or Firefox.

Just a note to say that we added the "Save as" option today.

Cool! Can't wait to try it out.