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I've created a simple .py file that uses the framework. How do I configure my account to use and how do I generate the html file from the py file? Thanks in advance!

You need to go to the "Web" tab of your "Dashboard" and create a new Web app. Once you do that you will be able to go to to see what you've created.

Ok, thanks.

Sorry but I'm a (web framework) noob and don'ty know how to create a app. Do I need to make a virtualenv? in choices of app creation I get Django, Flask, web2py, Bottle or Manual configuration options...

Sorry, I program Ptyhon because of all control, but frameworks just seem to overcast my Python habits. I do guess that it is normal (URL instead of file path , and such...) My only previous web expérience is with CGI calls through HTML forms and Ajax calls.

I looked a bit at Flask (slowly getting to understand some stuff (everything in one file) but mostly not why decorators???) and web2py (looks gigantic, and don't know where to start...) is touted as fairly straightforward python... so how on pythonanywhere ? (sorry for the long post, just trying to give some context)

thanks in advance,


You'll have to use manual configuration. Have a look at this forum thread