Julia build error:

Hello everyone!

I'm trying to install Julia from source and It fails (julia-users thread), after Isaiah Norton (Julia develper) checked the issue using the shared terminal feature he suspects the following:

The underlying issue is that uv_exepath [1] fails, leading to flisp being unable to find where it is running [2], which leads to the error message you observed.

From some cursory googling, my I guess this is an issue with the PythonAnywhere docker and/or apparmor configuration. Clearly it is possible to run Julia under docker (see JuliaBox), so this will likely need to be resolved by PythonAnywhere.

Related, [1], [2]

What do you think guys? We'd really love to have Julia running at PythonAnywhere.


Looks like we have a bug. Julia is already installed. It just doesn't work. I have raised a ticket.

I'm willing to help you have Julia running at PythonAnywhere, please let me know if I can be of any help.

Thanks! I'll make a note on the ticket to give you a shout if we get stuck. I think you're right to diagnose the problem being that /proc is not available in our sandboxes... It may not be something we can fix in the short-term, but we do have some ideas for the medium-term....

We do now have /proc available in some consoles, not sure if you want to give building julia another go?