Folder deleted

Some of my folders were deleted. What happened ?

Some of mine were deleted too even from Dropbox folder. I want them back.

All my recent stuff is gone too. I just posted another forum post. I thought it was just me.

My account is like it hasn't seen anything past August 1st. I know they were switching to another server/system thingy around that time. I wonder if they had to switch back?

Freaked, (although maybe less so since it isn't only my account)


You are not the only one, I lost the work from 3 days....

Sorry, guys. We mounted the wrong user volume when we did the last deploy. We've attached the correct one and all your files should be back. Let us know if there's anything missing now, we have backups so just let us know what's missing.

mine is back.

Thanks. Everything looks good so far.

Way to give folks a scare...☺

Yup! Sorry to everyone once again.

We did a "5 Whys" analysis this afternoon and we've now fixed the broken bit of our deploy process, so we won't be frightening people in that particular way again. Or at least if we do it will be due to a different kind of mistake...

I actually look at it as a good thing. It proves you are doing things right when you can have something go drastically wrong, but completely fix it promptly without losing any data!!!!!!

Ultimately we live in a real world where things will go wrong. It's a question of whether or not we'll incur losses when they do go wrong.