Bing on whitelist ?

Is there a reason why Bing search engine is not on the withelist ? I'm just curious.

I knew someone had to use Bing...Hey guys, we found him!!

demostene, it just didn't occur to us. I've added it so it should be working now.

After looking at this I realize it could have hurt someone's feelings...if it did, please forgive. I was just trying to have fun.

Well, I'm sure anyone who uses Bing regularly is used to the occasional bit of teasing...

:) a2j you're funny! Thanks for adding Bing. I just wanted to parse some results from Bing.

Still Forbidden(HTTP Error 403 Forbidden). my code:

aResp = urllib2.urlopen(url_string) # url_string is the url to

web_pg =

Oops. Looks like I forgot to make it permanent when I added it earlier. I have put it back and made sure that it won't go away again. Sorry about that.