Recover lost file

I just deleted an important databse file by mistake from the web gui. How do i restore?

There's no such thing as undelete in Linux I'm afraid!

If you're desperate, we may be able to load the file from yesterday's backups? It'll take a few hours, so you may find it quicker to just re-create the contents...


You would save my life if you do it! The file's name was users.db and it was /home/zerop/api/db

It contained all the users credentials and now the whole site is down!

EDIT: I am seeing the name of my file in the folder now, with an "edit" option with it. Although I cannot download it, its still inaccessible. The size is 0 bytes

OK you should find a file in your db folder called users.db.restore. Check if that has the correct contents?

Thank you very much! This is why I like PA!


I accidently deleted a file named saved_recipes.html from my folder /home/flavorshare/mysite/templates. It would really be great if you can help me with this.

Thanks, Anshika

Hi Anshika,

We're only experimenting with the backup service at this stage, and we're not sure it's something we can support sustainably. It's almost definitely something that's going to be available to paying users only. And it's also going to stay a very manual process, so we're unlikely to be able to promise anything better than a 3-day turnaround.

I'm sure we can do this favour for you this once though. We're scheduled to do some backups work on Friday, so we can dig up the old version of your file then, if you like?

Hi Harry

Thanks a lot. Yes it would be really helpful if you can get me the file by Friday.

Thanks and Regards Anshika

okey dokey.

In the meantime, I hope you're investigating a solution for backups! I'd recommend adding your code to a source code control system like git or mercurial, and then doing regular pushes to somewhere like bitbucket or github.


Thank you so much. I can see the file in my templates folder. Meanwhile I am regularly backing up contents on github

Regards Anshika

ok, you'll find the restored file in your mysite/templates folder. I can't believe you made me go through all that for a file that was only 35 lines long!


Hello! I just removed my database file by mistake. Is there way to retrieve it?

No, we don't generally to point-in-time recoveries for users.

Hello, I accidentally overwritten the file. How can i restore file "AndroidTest/data_accounts_all.txt" to condition on 23.04.2018?

Hi there -- I see you emailed us about this too, so we can continue the discussion over email

Help!!! I accidentally delete all the information in one of my tables, is there anyway that it can be restored!!!

Help! I need to restore file /home/Fedor/FedorAPI/base.db to state at 1 July 2018. How do I do that?

Hi there -- for file recovery questions, please email us at