Bash Drop Outs

Is anyone else experiencing Bash drop out or lockup. It seems to be random the amount of time I get at the Bash screen, inevitably right when I'm in full flow. Of course I can kill and start another session but its annoying. Should I be looking at some sort of firewall settings my end? Just seems strange thats its random?

I've had an ssh session (bash) running for a few hours now w/o trouble. I'll open a browser session and see if I have any trouble there next.

I made the mistake of trying to run something that would return a long list of results and that was problematic, but it does seem to eventually recover in a browser based bash session. I still do prefer using ssh to talk to PA.

There is a problem where you can lock a console up for a while if you splort out a lot of text from a command. But they should recover. Also remember that even if a console blanks momentarily the content should be there. Unless you kill it. A refresh of the while page can help as well.

That was my experience, other than I got impatient enough the first time by trying to move browser windows around and such while the process was under duress, that it felt pretty hopeless. I'm sure it would have shaken itself out eventually, but since the browser process was pegging a CPU core and I turned off my power saving features....well my laptop with heat dissipation issues overheated and it did a safety shutdown on itself.

After it cooled off a few minutes and I returned to repeat the procedure with my CPU performance turned down a bit and keeping my hands off the window eventually did catch up as expected.

P.S. I love the use of splort...☺