My webapp in different domain as the one with my username

I can access my webapp using my I have just upgraded to a paid account, trying to access my webapp in a different domain as my username, like, I´ve researched the forum, but as per understood, I would need to pay for a domain for myapp and then redirect it using cname.

That is the only way to have ? If so, I was thinking in creating an another account using <myapp> as my username, it would be possible to transfer my credits from this existing account to that new one ?

Is there any other solution without need to pay for a domain for myapp ?

Thank you !

It sounds like you answered your own question - if you want an app at, you need an account called myapp.

We have no way to transfer payments to a different account. Downgrade your old account and upgrade the new one.

thank you Glenn, have done it :)