Nginx alias

I am moving existing servers to PythonAnywhere.
The previous incarnations used Nginx and had this in the nginx.conf -
location /crossdomain.xml {
alias /path/to/static/crossdomain.xml;
expires 365d;
How do I do this in PythonAnywhere?

We haven't seen this before -- is it a special file that's needed for flash movies?

You should be able to set it up with a static file mapping. Best to pick a special folder for just the crossdomain.xml file, eg put it in /path/to/crossdomain_folder/crossdomain.xml, and have just the one file in there, and then go to the Web tab, and create a Static Files entry:

URL:  /
path: /path/to/crossdomain_folder/

Hit reload, and then go and visit and see if it works...

Yes, crossdomain.xml is security tool used by Flash.
I tried what you suggested, but unfortunately that does a redirection and returns a status of 301. This causes a security error in Flash.
There are a couple of ways I can get Django to serve the file. I will experiment with these and post the best solution here.

I have resolved this using
I would prefer just to use a static crossdomain.xml file as we have done in the past. I might spend some more time on it when I get a chance.