pywapi not working properly

Hello. I imported pywapi, a weather api, to use with my project being hosted on pythonanywhere. Most of the module works, except that when I try use the function to access data from, I get a KeyError. It seems that the URL is not being loaded properly. The funny thing is, it is working fine on my home computer using the django development server. Also, on pythonanywhere, the rest of the pywapi module is working (e.g., the calls to the other two main functions work fine and I can access the returned data without a problem).

Any insight into why the function is not working on pyanywhere?

Thanks in advance for your help.

OK, sorry. I think I answered my own question. does not seem to be on your whitelist page for free users. Would it be possible to have this added, or is there a reason why it isn't included? Thanks for your help.

Do you know what subdomain is serving its data from? Does it have any public API documentation?