Python App failing using Flask, Getting weird error messages

Hey guys. Im new here at PythonAnywhere.

I was using Heroku before to run my Python app but i quickly got bored of them and this website seemed much better. However i am having some trouble running the app.

This is the error logs i get when i try to enter the URL:

I uploaded an image

Is this a problem with my code or have i set up my virutalenv wrong or something? Since the code was running fine on Heroku i doubt that there can be errors in the code?

A printscr of my WSGI file

If there is any other information you need please do let me know.

Nevermind, i managed to solve it!

Cool, glad you sorted it out! What change did you need to make?

I deleted the whole application and started out again this time choosing to start as flask application which i did not do the first time. I guess the WSGI file was the fault also in my flask app i had the code "" which you should not have :)

Ah, right -- yes, that would make sense :-) The does bad stuff on PythonAnywhere so yes, I'm sure it was the problem :-)