Need IP number in order to use my own domain name

I subscribed to the Hacker account. Went to Godaddy to modify the CNAME as mentioned in previous postings on this forum. As their support person mentioned - I need the IP address and providing the and - is not enough. Where can I find the actual IP address of my ?


Hmm, that's not strictly true unless you're trying to set up a website on a naked domain (that is, instead of Is that what you're trying to do?

Ok... I have modified the CNAME with Godaddy and now it passes the test you guys suggested with the CNAME Lookup Tool. According to your instructions:

I want to connect the to an EXISTING If you want your domain to show a web app that you've already created, the process is a little more complicated. Let's say that the app you want to show is currently displayed at, and you want it to appear at Once you've done the CNAME setup as described above, here's what you do: Click the "Add a new web app" button,

But since I have a Hacker account - I can only have ONE I cannot add another account Should I delete the old one and try reinstall with the new ?

Yes, that's the best way forward.

By deleting the OLD webapp - it will release the myname to be immediately available for reuse by the NEW app ?

BTW - Delete from Dashboard --> Web Do I need uninstall also from Web2Py admin interface ?


You just need to delete it from the "Web" tab on the dashboard. Once you've done that, create a new web app using the "Manual configuration" option -- you'll get an app with a simple "Hello world" page. You can then re-import your old app's connection code by using a Bash console and doing this:

ls -lrt /var/log/*

You'll see a number of backup files, one for each time you deleted your web app, each with a timestamp at the end. The last one will have today's date in the timestamp.

You can also see the WSGI file for your new "Manual configuration" web app like this:

ls /var/log/

(Do note that you need to change that filename to reflect your domain name :-)

The next step is to copy the old backup WSGI file on top of the new one:

cp /var/log/ /var/log/

Once that's done, your web app should be up and running on the new address.

I've deleted the old app from the Dashboard --> Web. Then when installing manually the NEW app it mentioned the folder where it wanted to install web2py is not empty. I deleted the web2py from that folder. Completed install, upload VIA Web2Py (NOT bash) - it wasn't secured https, but still allowed me to upload the app.

Now - it works when launched from the admin interface BUT.... When trying to access the it brings the web2py ADMIN INTERFACE ?!?

I think I need you guys to point to the app, which is ? / was ? at Now it says "Coming soon..."

You mean the app that's currently at That's something you need to set up yourself in your web2py configuration. It must have been deleted when you deleted your old web2py install. This page explains the right configuration.

According to the book, there is a simpler way to make an app the default app... Just name it "init" and it works.

Thanks Giles

Fair enough, I'll have to remember that one! Looks like everything's set up properly now...?

I am still testing. So far seems to work perfectly. And fast too. It works Ok (now) with PayPal (it didn't work when forwarded WITH MASKING) Still trying to figure out what's going on with ReCaptcha. You did add it to the white-list recently, right ?

Other than that - we are launching less than 24 hours after the US Congress has decided to move forward with the ICD-10 transition October 1st this year. Looking forward to an explosive growth of customers and thus the need to upgrade to a higher level of service with PA ;-)) Thanks for the superb support.

Good to hear things are going well so far :-)

The ReCAPTCHA thing shouldn't be an issue now that you have a paid account; whitelisting etc is only an issue for free accounts, paid accounts have direct Internet access that bypasses all of that.

Good luck with the growth, I hope it really takes off!

reCaptcha works as expected. Thanks

Excellent, thanks for confirming!