Do you have any plans to implement bpython as a console options? It's like ipython, only different (and better in a few ways...)

Many thanks


@rcs1000: I've read about it, but not used it. I always figured it would be faster than iPython...what has your experience with it been?

upvoted - I'll see if I can take a quick look later today. as long as it runs headless, it should be ez-pz...

Guess what?

pip install --user bpython


It's a bit sluggish tho, probably because it's not bothering to be too efficient about screen updates... Not sure if we can do much about that. Still, we might add it to the batteries included anyways... What do you guys think?

harry said:

What do you guys think?

Doesn't seem to be any harm installing it to me, except for potential support load in case of problems. Personally I've always used standard CPython and I've never found its interactive shell particularly lacking (as long as tab-completion and similar features are enabled). I only ever use it for 2-3 command snippets, however - anything else I dump in a temporary file and execute from there. I find Vim is actually just as convenient as the Python interpreter (especially with live Pyflakes syntax checking).

Perhaps I'm simply old fashioned. (^_^)

We already have bpython, but could you preinstall bpython3? It doesn't work on pip but I have it on my ubuntu.

How does it not work with pip?

Maybe I'm just dumb, because I'm spoiled with Ubuntu PPAs and .debs, but on a bash console here this is what happens: $ pip install bpython3 Collecting bpython3 Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement bpython3 (from v ersions: ) No matching distribution found for bpython3

Sorry, I couldn't get the 4 space code block to work. In on mobile. Could that error be related to the Beginner user internet restriction?

There is no bpython3 pip package:

Sorry, I'm an idiot. Its pip3 install --user bpython. Just on my system bpython is for python2, and bpython3 is for python3. Thanks for your help.