Running a simple file

Hello community,

I am new with Python and PythonAnyware. I wonder you can help me to run my first basic program.

I have written the basic code line print "Hello World" in the file and palced it in the folder "/ > home > jcerverap > projects". Problem is that I don't know how to execute this file.

Can you help me? Is there any command I need to type in the console?

Thanks in advance.

If you open up the file in the editor, via the Files tab, you should find a button that says "Save & Run" in the top right?

Hi Harry, thanks a lot for your reply. I can see the button Save and Run but when I click on it I cannot see any print out in any console nor the console itself.

Any ideas?

The console should open up in a new window. You may need to tell your browser to "allow popups"?

Thanks a lot Harry, that was exactly the issue. It works perfect now.