In a mess with git

Hi A couple of weeks ago I cloned a git repository to get my files over to pythonanywhere. I think I have now sorted out various conflicts between my local machine and what was on Python Anywhere. I now want to get one file from Git that is working how I want on my local machine.

I have tried git pull and other similar commands but get this error: fatal...not a git repository(or any parent up to mount point /home/lz7cjc) Stopping at filesystem boundary (GIT_DISCOVERY_ACROSS_FILESYSTEM not set).

How do I sort this out so I can get facilities_list.html onto your servers using Git?


that is because you are runnign git pull from /home/lz7cjc. Instead, you need to run it from/home/lz7cjc/<your-project-folder>.

of course - thanks i think i am getting somewhere now - I have got as far as entering a message for the new commit but I can't work out how to then submit: the last lines on the bash console say: .git/COMMIT_EDITMSG [+][tabs] gitcommit 0,0x00 1,381/382 -- INSERT -- does that make any sense? What key do i press to commit?


you are in the vim text editor right now.

press escape and then :wq

also perhaps look up/try to understand how in-terminal text editors work

ok thanks - I think it might be a lot easier to start again. How do I delete everything so I can do a git clone of the working code?

either do it via our files tab, or type man rm in the console to read about how to do it in the shell